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  1. DaytonaDave
    Our tent has a couple from ATL, a standup comic, and me. The couple know each other (I would hope), but otherwise we are complete strangers coming to Coachella Weekend 2 to enjoy the music and hang with new people. We should definitely organize a meetup of some sorts. Anyone else coming in Thursday?
  2. furiacontralamaquina
    Going solo, planning in arriving Thrusday morning, coming from Sonora, MX, via Phx, I have car camping and some setup from previous years so it would be cool to joint some other campers in a group, have extra shading tarps and a canopy, won't bring the custom PVC structure cuz its only me and would be to much, see you all in a few days!
  3. puggythedude
    Hey everyone...
    First timer here and was lucky enough to get with some people for Tent City. Looking for good people to hang out with inside the fest and in the campgrounds. So come one come all! Let's share stories, drink some beers, chill around a camp stove, etc...I've been to many fests including ACL, Voodoofest, Bonnaroo, etc...hoping that this one tops them all!
  4. LiquidL
    Hey, 5 year coachella vet here. Coming with a buddy. Always up for good times, meeting new people, and getting into the music.
  5. alyssaf12
    If you see the blue UCLA canopy tent in camping hollar!
  6. SepaGroove
    Hey everyone! I'm Mike and will be going to the festival with my girlfriend and her best friend this year. We're staying in a hotel nearby, but will be meeting up with our group at their campsites each day before we go in. It would great to meet everyone and take a boardy group photo! Since we all spend so much time talking to eachother on here everyday it would be nice to put some faces to names.

    5 more days guys!!! Weekend 2 people gotta go out in style!!
  7. DaytonaDave
    We will have a white, 10x15 screened room with Christmas lights, so our tent should stand out. I will be there super early Thursday doing the setup (others flying in later), so hopefully we will be near the front of the lot. Can't wait for Thursday!!!
  8. DaytonaDave
    Hi All -- setup a special open GroupMe group for us. Details in this thread:
  9. SeantheJeweler
    Hey guys! Our group of 17 has 6 car camping passes so if the security plays nice we should have a nice spot with a nice chill area for all to party!! We have a BIG red metal Fat Tire sign that will be marking our campsite and I will try to post where we are at when we get set up!
  10. LiquidL
    This won't really coalesce unless we have a common meeting time and place. Lots of possibilities, any suggestions? I'm coming in car camping Thursday night
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