Not yet 50.....getting close

  1. coachdad
    Gonna check out The Cult, Motorhead, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Gabba Gabba Heys, Queens of the Stone Age (gotta support the local band), Unlocking the Truth, Beck should be cool, Haim sounds pretty good (chick band....Yeah!) oh and Cage the Elephant.
  2. grichsgang
    I'm a year early, but bound to find more kindred spirits here. You have to check out the Replacements and Arcade Fire, just for starters.
  3. Lynn163
    I jump in here since I'll turn 50 this year.
  4. TomAz
    If you don't know the Afghan Whigs, you should. Also Superchunk.
  5. Bonedaddy500
    I'm putting Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on the list. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it rockabilly and not blues? I didnt really pay much attention to them thinking it was a blue band.
  6. Lynn163
    Frank Turner and Ty Segall too.
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