Coachella AA

  1. vinylmartyr
    Don't do drugs
  2. Bonovan
    My AA b-day in 1/28/88, and 2009 is my first Coachella. Any meetings yet scheduled?
  3. SkyBlueSkin
    I will be at the second and third days of Coachella, but will miss the first day because of A.A. obligations that I have. Hopefully I didn't join this group too late- it's really important to me to meet and stay in contact with some sober people while I'm there. Feel free to email me at if you have any helpful information.
  4. vinylmartyr
    Still Sober?
  5. koryp
    Hell yeah! Looking forward to Soberchella 2011!
  6. Bonovan
    39 days left until Soberchella. Yee ha!!
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