Coachella: Grimes, Brooke Candy

  1. Feralkidd
    I know Grimes is going to S.S.Coach. but I hope she comes to Coachella013 fest as well I love Claire Boucher <3
    BR00K3 CANDY too tho!! she's probably the sickest most talented inspiring person ever haha she's just so addicting to watch shes a rare breed I was introduced to her by a Grimes Video "Genesis" idk why ppl hate on her tho :| maybe because ppl are envious about how she can express herself well unlike others.. but whatever I love her shes amazing(: i hope she brings her crew with her hahaha that would be so dope!! I mean if she comes and goes to CF it'd be cool to chill with her ((: my little freaky princess queen of Italy (':
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