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  1. manovrboard
    Hey team!

    Driving from Kamloops, British Columbia for my first Coachella. Bringing three buddies along for the ride. We're making a decent little roadtrip out of it.

    Looking forward to meeting some new people, having a great party and taking in some killer music!

    Shoot me a message if you want to meet up.
  2. eherrera5
    Dude, that's gonna be a crazy road trip! I drove down from Vancouver last year with buddies it was pretty cool. I'm flying this year tho. My advice would be give yourself lots of time driving back, you're gonna need to need it lol
    Cheers bro
  3. djbionik
    Yeah, that roadtrip sounds way long, but a ton of fun. When do you think you'll be getting to the site?
  4. manovrboard
    We are leaving April 11 from Kamloops and the plan is to roll in to the site early on April 18. Making a few pitstops along the way (Mariners game in Seattle, Trail Blazers game in Portland, A's game in Oakland, Dodgers game in LA and Ducks game in Anaheim). It's gonna be a blast.

    As for after, we've basically given ourselves until May 1 to get back. We don't plan on rushing.

    Any tips for a group of Coachella first-timers?
  5. djbionik
    Other than arrive with a great attitude, just be prepared to have a hot, happy time! It's such a loaded question- based on how prepared you want to be. I was a girl scout. I go super prepared. But everyone deserves their first Coachella. Mine was so long ago, I didn't even know it was a festival. I went with complete strangers just to see Bjork. As we got closer, we realized what it was and nearly shat ourselves- We went with just an overnight bag each, and we had a marvelous time. So much has changed.

    The threads are great for camping tips. Packing carefully is key. Getting a good camp spot and good neighbors also key. Everything else is gravy.
  6. kat719
    Bit of an introduction about us. We're 8 24-26 year olds from Toronto. Coachella virgins, but a couple of us have been wanting to go for the last couple years. It all finally worked out! We've got a healthy mix of professions: a couple flight attendants, video producer, couple marketing peeps, etc. We're all well-traveled (we backpack often) - four of us are producing a travel show. We might shoot stuff at Coachella for our YouTube channel, and it'll be great to have some of your participation :) Anyway, we'll leave some mystery so you guys will talk to us, haha!

    See you all Thurs night!
  7. djbionik
    Yay, awesome that it finally came together! And looks like career-interest wise, we'd have a lot to talk about. got some experience doing video for work a long time ago. sounds like a blast! Do you guys have a battery pack for charging, assuming you're camping? I will have one, if you're camping with us. From a thread on the forum, we may be rolling in together, if you're coming from Ralph's around 3pm. I. Can't. WAIT.
  8. sn878894
    Hello! I've joined this group on behalf of myself and 2 other friends. We are 21, 23 and 23, two guys and a female from Nova Scotia and Ontario, all first time attendees.
    We'll be renting a car early Thursday morning in LA to car camp, hopefully get to Ralph's around 1 or 2 by the time we get our shopping done. Hopefully we'll have a flag, but not sure yet.
    I hate how frequently I see the term friendly Canadian on here but it really is true, and us Maritimers will give you the shirt off our backs.
    We party pretty hard, nothing too, too wild. I am a student engineer, surfer, skateboarder & comicbook nerd. Looking forward to meeting any and all of you!
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