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  1. AussieGuy
    hi guys and girls, i'm glen. i'm travelling to weekend 2 from australia. would be great to meet some cool people to party with while i'm there
  2. flicchic8100
    Always fun to meet and party with new people.
  3. shmush
    hi I'm from LA, first coachella for me, i'm super excited and like meeting new ppl. just got back from beyond wonderland, which was awesome with backstage passes, its 5:20 am right now...
  4. KennKenna
    I'm from Canada, also my first Coachella. I'm flying down with my friend. We're both girls, eighteen. We're looking for some people to chill with and catch some shows, maybe party a (little) bit. Preferably around our age. :) PM me.
  5. amps421
    Hi, I'm from the Inland Empire (cali), this is my second Coachella. I went in 2009 and finally back to conquer the polo fields! I met a lot of cool people in 09 hoping to meet new faces and to party with new faces.
  6. gordonbeveridge
    Hi guys, I’m coming to Coahella 2012 Wk 2 from Glasgow, Scotland. My buddy just bailed out at the last minute. Therefore, I’m definitely in the market for friends. Naturally, here, I’m gonna say I’m a cool, easy-going dude. Co-incidentally, I am just that. This is gonna be fun. :)
  7. zachattacks11
    Hi everyone, I'm from Phoenix and this will be my first Coachella. Really excited and looking to have a great time. I'm drivin out with a couple buddies, but I wouldn't mind meetin new people to chill with.
  8. GuyWastingTime
    My buddy and I are flying down from Calgary, pretty pumped to hit up Coachella for the first time! We should definitely meet up and party a bit!
  9. jbajana
    Hey yall! Im coming from LA and this is my first Coachella. I just moved from the east coast, with my girlfriend so we both are trying to camp it out with our car. Anyone have tips or need 2 tennis bus passes PM, were looking to make cool friends and have a blast!! happy days!
  10. SuitedStranger
    Hey Guys!
    We (7-8 people) are driving from l.a. thurs morning... We are all between 27-32 m/f, fun lovin, and looking for some people to hang with!
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