Fab40+ Meet-Up 2010...

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  1. p7489
    Oh, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros -- what fun they were! I said the same thing about being underwhelmed by Gorillaz, and my daughter accused me of just not getting it. Sigh. But I'm still sore from keeping up with the Specials dancestep.... Oh but I did.....!
    Finally saw some members saturday. Thanks to Brokendoll and Suffacated for the candee bracket. great seeing you in the Sahara. Bassnectar fulfiled my desire for fattt bassss! Great meeting Joe Ctuhulu at Devo! That was a great performance. motionnn, sorry we missed you at Devo. We'll keep an eye out for you today. Have fun everyone!
    Oh, Forrest, and everybody else...Yeah, this was a tough year for meeting up @ Coach with all the f***ing people. I think Pete and I held hands more that weekend than we ever have due to the fear of getting separated. We did make it to the board meetup and met many new people as well as old people we had met before. (Tom. Sorry, I couldn't resist...)
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