Fab40+ Meet-Up 2010...

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  1. TomAz
    I missed it cuz I thought it was today not Friday. Sucks getting old.
  2. DJdharma
    Finally saw some members saturday. Thanks to Brokendoll and Suffacated for the candee bracket. great seeing you in the Sahara. Bassnectar fulfiled my desire for fattt bassss! Great meeting Joe Ctuhulu at Devo! That was a great performance. motionnn, sorry we missed you at Devo. We'll keep an eye out for you today. Have fun everyone!
  3. p7489
    OK so the line on Friday was messed up; I actually made it inside but no sign, so couldn't find anyone. Kept looking Sat and Sund, but... anyway I'm lucky I could find anyone in that crowd. 75,000 my ___; more like 100,000 and cut a lot into the quality factor. Loved the music, especially Friday - Vampire Weekend, LCD Sound system deadmau5 (who knew) and a B treat with JayZ. Sly no show no show then barely show was oh well. But Gorillaz good, Muse anthemic. Just read they signed the lease for 10 more years, so see ya next year. P
  4. HowToDisappear
    Hey, back home now. We didn't make it inside for the meet-up either 'cause we were stuck for hours at the gate as well. When we FINALLY made it to the search point, our line ran out of wristbands, so we got to stand and wait some more and watch while ALL THE OTHER LINES got their wristbands and kept proceeding forward. I was not a happy camper Friday night. My mood really didn't improve until Sat afternoon. That said, PiL, Devo, Muse, and Thom Yorke were phenomenal and were my favorite sets of the weekend. (We split some time between Fever Ray and PiL and what we saw of her was pretty great, too.) Really made the two attempts to see Sly. I hope to God they didn't pay that crazy, doddering old bastard in advance. We were pretty underwhelmed by Gorillaz (which is why we made attempt two to see Sly). And though we didn't spend much time in there this year, favorite Sahara set for me: Bassnectar.
  5. ShredHead
    Sorry to have missed you all. Swung by around 5:30, cruised around a bit but didn't see the sign, then moved on. Sorry you were delayed, as some of the early acts were quite good.
  6. DJdharma
    How I wish I had a jet pack on friday afternoon. I would've just flown over that fence with our glorious banner in tow. And anyway, aren't we now in the future that was predicted when we were kids, and so WHERE'S OUR JET PACKS!?

    I'm glad to hear everyone had a great time. After the friday fiasco things got better. I finally found TomAz and we got to chat/drink in the beer garden. Met Joe C at DEVO, and we met up again for Deerhunter. I also met SFChrissy at Gossip. I agree with P7489 and HTD that the Sahara was great, and I found Gorillaz uninspiring.

    We parked in the $20 private lot on Monroe and rode our bikes to the front gate. This saved a lot of wear on the feet, and made getting out faster.

    If anyone would like to recieve their Fab40+ candee braclet we made, please PM me a mailing address and I'll gladly send it to you. We can use them next year to Identify each other. Let the countdown to 2011 begin!
  7. JoeCthulhu
    Only met DJDharma, and enjoyed talking to him walking out of the venue after DEVO. After Deerhunter could have followed him to meet TomAZ, but I go weak for redheads, and the Florence + the Machine was calling to me.
  8. HowToDisappear
    My favorite stupid band name of last year (REAL band names, as listed by The Onion) is We Were Promised Jet Packs. Because we were. And you're right --- WHERE ARE THEY?!
  9. TheClares
    We looked around as well, glad to know we weren't so old that we couldn't find the sign. Sorry we missed you guys this year.
  10. motionnn77
    I know it's difficult , but maybe next year we could try texting. Of all the people that Byron and I tried to meet up with, we only found one. But we met all kinds of nice people (and some douches).

    Missed Bassnectar due to some conflict (I forget), but caught Rusko for some great dubstep. Saw some good early acts: Kate Miller (the Facebook song girl), Jets Overhead, Porcupine Tree, John Waters. My big fave surprise was Sleighbells!
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