Fab40+ Meet-Up 2010...

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  1. DJdharma
    Last years meet-up was great, and I'm hopeing to meet some new members this year.

    Last year we met in the Heinikin Beer Garden between the main stage and outdoor stage on friday evening about 6:00 p.m. I liked this location and time. Howz about we use the same location and day, and set an evening hour when we find out what the set times schedule is.
  2. TomAz
    yes. i support.
  3. motionnn77

    I'm not quite 40 yet (36), but I thought I might be close enough to join.

    I'm a So/Cali. woman who loves music. My man is 40 plus, so I think that makes me eligible.
  4. DJdharma
    You are very welcome to join us Motionnn! I hope you and your Man join us for the meet-up on Friday. This will be FUNNNN! Looking forward to meeting you!
  5. HowToDisappear
    This sounds great -- we hope to see everyone (and more!) this year. I won't know for another week whether I'll have Fri off. If not, we'll be arriving late Fri night and may miss it. But hopefully, David and I will be there with bells on.
  6. motionnn77
    I hope we can meet up too:-)
  7. DJdharma
    Excellent HTD! Are you riding your motorcycle again? Counting the days!
  8. DJdharma
    Motion, you need to guide your old man over to the meet-up! See you there!
  9. HowToDisappear
    Yup, we will be on the bike. So much easier getting in and out of the parking lot. I'm thinking of wearing a sign on my back that says "moto-chella" in the hopes we'll win free shwag when we roll in. After all, we're green, too, being two up on the bike. Think we'll get away with it?
  10. DJdharma
    It would be great if you can park your motorcycle up front with the bicycles. I think you should win a prize.

    We're going to bring our bicycles in the back of my truck and ride over.
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