Fab 40+

  1. GeezrRckr
    didn't really think there were people older than me that were on this board. i see that i am actually not such a geezer now...haha.
    Okay, a safe haven while I collect myself...Just came from the thread on whether our parents are going loony or not, and now I'm concerned more about the fact that I'm old enough to be most of the posters in the thread's parent! Do I need to bother mentioning that some of their comments or complaints are slowly becoming a daily part of my life?

    Fabulous, not only can I continue wondering about my father's behavior, but I can start tripping on my own!
  3. DJdharma
    I feel ya Brokendoll! I think I'm starting to get loopy like my mom. I just hope I don't start to "smell old".
  4. DJdharma
    A warm welcome to GeezrRckr, the newest resident here at the old folks home! Get ready for a crazy New Years Eve my friend!
  5. Cheddar's Cousin
    Cheddar's Cousin
    I'll be forty-one by the time Coachella rolls around again. April 13th to be exact. It's nice to know that there are plenty of ole folks still rockin'!
  6. DJdharma
    Cool Chedda! I'll have to buy you a birthday drink at the Fab40+ meet-up! Will that be Geritol or Milk of Magnisia?
  7. TomAz
    So I have not really ever worried about how old I am. It's just a number, what counts is your mental outlook, youth is wasted on the young, etc etc.

    My doctor has recently recommended that I start taking 1 tbsp of Metamucil each day. Now that hurt. Something about that crosses the line. Mother fucker.
  8. TheClares
    40+2 and trying to act half that
  9. DJdharma
    Welcome Clares! I'm not sure if this is the rest home or the looney bin, but we sure know how to party around here. Enjoy your stay!
  10. TheClares
    Thanks DJ! Looking forward to hanging with other old fogies who don't act their age!
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