Fab 40+

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  1. gaypalmsprings
    40+13 - ha!
    I hope 40+7(Soon to be +8) going on 25 is acceptable to join! May as well ask if babbling meets any criteria also... You know how it gets at our age! :) Brokendoll
  3. TomAz
    I don't even know what a Social Group is or what benefits I receive from joining. And yet here I am.
  4. TomAz

  5. Pixiessp
    is this a place for all the older Coachella folk to come when they get tired of all the youngins? I'm in.
  6. TomAz
    I think so. Except, it is not very active, it seems.
  7. Suffacated
    GPS seems to be the group elder.
  8. DJdharma
    Thanks to everyone who has joined and is interested in participating. This is the place to meet and interact with other mature members. It will be as active as we make it, so if you have anything you would like to add or suggest, just bring it on. I'm sure as we get closer to the event, activity will increase. Please contact me with any comments or suggestions. Cheers!!!
  9. TomAz
    what does "it takes a much bigger dose to get you off" mean? is this a remark that our standards are higher, that we've been there done that, that some of the bands the kids go gaga for are 'ho-hum, seen that one before' to us?

    or is this a viagra joke?
  10. DJdharma
    Hey Suffacated got a new avatar. Is that what the viagra joke is all about! Hella funny TomAz. I know GPS is the elder, but TomAz has the most posts. You know, GPS could write us a guide to Coachella. He could call it something like "Everything you ever wanted to know about coachella, by GayPalmSprings the Elder".
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