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  1. rskapcat
    I thought I posted this after we booked our flights. Guess not.

    Arrive into Newark at 2:15 pm Thursday and leave Newark at 12:00 pm Monday.
  2. shakermaker113
    SFO 10:10PM 9/29 -> EWR 6:23AM 9/30 Seat 30A
    EWR 4:20PM 10/4 -> SFO 7:30PM 10/4 Seat 30A
  3. buddy
    arriving: thursday jfk 4:50 p.m.
    leaving: monday jfk 11:45 a.m.

    any folks wanting to carpool on thursday let me know.
  4. tricorne
    Arriving LGA noonish Thursday, leaving LGA 5:00 Monday. Likely taking the airport shuttle to EWR to meet up with other people if possible.
  5. captncrzy
    Ok, looks like we're going to go for a Friday arrival into EWR, approx 4:30pm. Taking the NJ transit train up to Asbury Park, arriving around 7. We'll just take a cab to the hotel, as I'm assuming you all will be inside the festival at that time.

    Our flight leaves at around 3:00 out of EWR on Monday, so if we could ride up to EWR with someone Monday, that would be nice. Will chip in for gas.
  6. rskapcat
    Jen, if you can't find a ride that leaves later, you're welcome to ride with us back to EWR on Monday. Our flight leaves at 12:00, which means Andy will want to be there at 10:00. That's a long time for you guys to be hanging out at the airport.
  7. captncrzy
    Booyah. That is early. Are you guys on American? I think we have a flight leaving EWR around noon as well.
  8. captncrzy
    Edit: NVM. I either read the flights wrong or they changed the schedule. Only options home out of EWR are at 10am (no thanks) or 4:35pm. If we can't find a ride, we'll just train it back up. Thanks for the offer though.
  9. rskapcat
    Yep, American.
  10. chairmenmeow47
    got my flights. us airways from phoenix to newark, no stops.

    arrive EWR: 4:29pm 9/29 (thursday)
    depart EWR: 4:35 10/5 (wednesday)

    buddy, i also arrive at the same time as you thursday. maybe we could share a cab or take the trains together? i'm staying at the empress.
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