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  1. chiapet
    Newark would be much less of a hassle, Ivy, but I don't think LGA or JFK would be that bad. I'm not very familiar with NYC traffic, but the route for Asbury Park is very different than what we had for ATP at Kutscher's. My traffic problems getting out of NYC airports have always been mid-town traffic and getting across the tunnel. The southern route to Asbury Park doesn't seem like it would be as bad, you don't cross Manhattan at all and the airports are fairly close to the (bridge to staten island that i can't remember the name of).
  2. koryp
    We'll be arriving into Newark via Continental on Thursday evening. Leaving Monday morning/afternoon. Car is already rented. We'll have room for two with your luggage in our rental to Asbury area. I should get upgraded to a towncar or something similar, so we may be able to squeeze 1 more in on Monday if that comes through. If we end up staying in ABVI, we can bring at least three people back and forth each day.
  3. bmack86
    Cormaic, I'll keep you updated about my flight plans/car rentals since I'm in LA as well.
  4. cormaic
    Sounds good, thank you.
  5. chairmenmeow47
    thanks guys :)

    driving in NJ is crazy from what i remember. turning left means turning right. dogs and cats, living together, MASS HYSTERIA
  6. rskapcat
    We'll probably be taking the flight Thursday that gets us to Newark at 2:15 pm and leaving Newark Monday at noon. We'll be renting a car.
  7. Courtney
    The New Jersey Turnpike can get pretty gnarly, but for the most part driving isn't so bad. But then again, I learned to drive in Manhattan, so my perspective might be slightly skewed.

    My advice would be to just avoid Manhattan proper and the Turnpike. And get your best aggressive angry defensive driver face on. Don't be afraid to flip people off with abandon. For the most part, people in the greater New York area are actually better drivers than Los Angeles folks. They're just bigger assholes too.
  8. captncrzy
    I learned to drive in a state that's known to have the worst drivers in the country.
  9. tricorne
    Looks like RT flights to JFK are coming up much cheaper than ones to Newark right now.
  10. Drinkey McDrinkerstein
    Drinkey McDrinkerstein
    I know this hasn't been terribly active, but I thought I'd add my info!

    I'll be arriving in Newark on Thursday at 6:10pm, and leaving Monday around 3pm
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