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  1. chairmenmeow47
    i'd like an airport ride, but i don't know my flights yet. i don't want to book them right away to see what everyone else's plans are and to see if i can share the room, visit some NY friends, etc. may must do the train or a shuttle or something though.

    also, rick, jen, mark, flight plans?
  2. chiapet
    Drew & Ed, I'd definitely be up for sharing a rental, is the flight you guys are looking at a 7:40AM arrival in EWR?
  3. shakermaker113
    I was looking at flight CO 6233 which arrives 6.57 am. mostly because I have a $400 flight voucher for continental. but I am open to alternatives.

    apparently we should book flights on a tuesday. and we shouldn't all book on the same day, or something.... the capt'n posted an essay on it.
  4. chiapet
    Yea, I'm not booking yet, I was just thinking I'd aim for the same time frame since I'll be taking a red-eye too. There seem to only be "cheap"(ish) flights on continental (the United ones are operated by cont'l).
  5. shakermaker113
    you, me and Drew could take the same flight.

    anyone else flying from SF thursday night?
  6. captncrzy
    Ivy, not sure on flight plans for us since we'll be on standby. We're basically at the mercy of the flight loads. Will be easy to get to the east coast, just not sure how (we have choices of Newark, JFK, LGA, PHL, DCA). Might either take the redeye into JFK on Thursday night or the 8am flight to EWR on Friday morning.
  7. Drinkey McDrinkerstein
    Drinkey McDrinkerstein
    i can't think about flights this far in advance.

    Anybody have experiance taking trains out there?
  8. chairmenmeow47
    closest airport is newark, right? i know i can look this up, but i figure someone might know off the top of their head.
  9. Courtney
    Newark (EWR) is the closest, and may likely also be the cheapest, but I would try all the following, and just search around:

    Newark (EWR), 55 mins
    New York (LGA), 1 hr 20 mins
    New York (JFK), 1 hr 26 mins
    Philadelphia (PHL), 1 hr 36 mins

    Of course, times will be much longer with rush hour traffic.
  10. captncrzy
    I'm reasonably certain that we'll be taking a train in from whatever airport we fly into. The prospect of driving out there makes me shudder.
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