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  1. kreutz2112
    This is a place where we discuss what flights we are taking (i.e. airports we are flying into and out of, arrival/departure dates/times, etc.). We will also discuss carpooling/bus-pooling/train-pooling to and from airports (i.e. how are you getting to Asbury park? Are you renting a car? Are you willing to drive people in said car?) I will try my best to keep the first post updated, but keep your expectations low.

    Courtney: Arriving Thursday (9/29) @ 11:30 AM in Newark. Departing Tuesday (10/4) @ 1:30 PM from Newark.

    Boourns (Frank): Arriving Thursday (9/29) in Newark. Train from Newark to Asbury. Departing Tuesday (Pending Mangum tickets) from Newark.

    shakermaker113 (Name?): Arriving Friday morning (9/30) in Newark. Departing Tuesday (10/4) (Pending Mangum tickets) from Newark.

    roberto73 (Rob): Driving from Georgia. Arriving on Thursday (9/29). Departing Monday (10/3)
  2. kreutz2112
    People in need of rides:

    Hannah: From Newark airport Thursday evening or Friday morning. From Asbury to Newark on Monday morning.
  3. Courtney

    There's only one direct flight from Honolulu to the New York/New Jersey area, and it's Continental to Newark, arriving Thursday at 11:30am, and departing Tuesday at 1:30pm. So that's probably what I'll take, as long as it drops to a reasonable price at some point between now and September.

    I'm considering staying in Asbury Park on Monday for Jeff Mangum, but if that doesn't work out I'll check out a few art exhibits and whatnot in Manhattan, and then score a $59 room at the Newark Airport Marriott for Monday night via Priceline (if you book a 4 star room in Newark, it's ALWAYS what you get).
  4. Boourns
    Will be flying from Los Angeles and plan on catching the train from Newark to Asbury. I think it was around $16 each way when I checked.

    Plan on arriving Thursday, so I can check into the hotel, explore, relax, and not have to worry about arriving in time and checking in and all that drama on Friday.

    If I can't get a ticket for the Monday Mangum show, then I will be leaving Monday morning.
  5. shakermaker113
    I'm planning a red-eye from SF to Newark arriving friday morning. then return at some reasonable time Tuesday. (assuming I get Mangum tickets).
  6. roberto73
    I mentioned this the other night, but it got buried pretty quickly. Assuming I get a ticket, I'll be driving up from Georgia on Thursday. If anyone's finding car rental to be cost prohibitive, I'll be happy to try to coordinate my arrival time with yours on Thursday and give you a lift to your hotel. Or, if you're getting in before the festivities kick off on Friday, I'd be willing to make an airport run in exchange for some booze (or a spot on the floor of a hotel room that's closer than America's Best Value).

    This might not be too helpful at the other end of the weekend, as I'll probably have to head back on Monday.
  7. cormaic
    I'm hoping I can coordinate flights and a car ride with people in this group, so I don't have any flight plans so far. Anybody in the LA area who can keep me in mind re: car and flight plans, please let me know
  8. tricorne
    I'm hoping to get in on a carpool from Newark either Thursday evening (if I find a place to crash Thursday night) or early Friday morning or anytime between the two, and back to Newark on Monday. Will pay cash or groceries or liquor or a combination. I know it's early to figure this stuff out, but I'm putting it here now anyway.
  9. kreutz2112
    Apparently there's a 1000 character limit per post in group threads.
  10. GeezrRckr
    i'm on the same plan as Edward (Shaker). will make my flight reservations once Monday Mangum tix are secured.

    i'm going to reserve a car next week. please let me know if you are interested in sharing a ride Friday morning from EWR and/or a return Tues. i get great rates and all the insurance coverage is included with my plan (i.e. no charge to us).
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