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  1. chairmenmeow47
    thanks heidi. do you have to pay in advance on priceline? i've never really used it for fear of having to pay in advance. i had a bad experience one time paying in advance, so now i always book directly with the hotels.

    that gershwin hotel is interesting.
  2. chiapet
    Yes, you have to pay in advance. I've never run into a problem, but I do make sure I print out a receipt and usually call a few days ahead of time to confirm they have gotten the reservation. It does worry me a little bit, but I've gotten rooms I could never have afforded otherwise.

    I've wanted to stay at the Gershwin for a while but they've always been booked when I've been in NYC. The decorations/murals remind me of this place I stayed in Copenhagen last year:

    I had a mexican wrestling themed room. I was only in my room one time when it was dark (July + Denmark = around 4 hours of darkness per night) and it was actually kinda creepy when it was dark! hah.
  3. captncrzy
    Every time I go to NYC I try to get a room here and always fail.
  4. chairmenmeow47
    those pods look neat. but godDAMN the prices. everywhere. gah.

    i can't really afford to pay in advance either :( but glad to know priceline isn't as scary as i've made it out to be.
  5. chairmenmeow47
    and i realize how crazy it is to bitch about hotel prices in NYC.
  6. captncrzy
    Honestly, the twin pod room with the shared bathroom isn't too awful price-wise. Especially for that city.

    We stayed in a place right between Chinatown and Little Italy the last time we went. It wasn't bad. I'll see if I can find it.

    Edit: found it.
  7. captncrzy
    Jesus. I only paid like $75 for that place last year and it's $309 right now.

    I have been using almost exclusively for the last two years to book hotel rooms. You can start looking for deals now, but I'd honestly wait until that last month or so before you book anything. I've always gotten rooms at least 50% off the normal rate. Stayed at the Westin in Seattle for like $80, a really fancy hotel in San Fran last time we went for like $100, (plus the hotel above for like $75) etc. You just have to keep an eye on it and take it when you see a good deal.

    They don't give you the names of the hotels, but it's super easy to figure out the name of the place. More often than not, there's a picture of the front of the hotel or the front of the hotel's restaurant (always showing the name). If not, you can usually google the neighborhood and the number of rooms the hotel has and come up with a match.
  8. Courtney
    Hotels in New York City are inevitably painfully expensive for what you get, and I feel very lucky that I happen to have several friends with spare bedrooms. However, on the off-chance and I'm visiting and need to stay in a hotel, I ALWAYS stay at the Chelsea Lodge. It's $124 per night for a very small, basic, clean room in a walk-up brownstone on a quiet street in Chelsea, a couple blocks away from the subway.
  9. chiapet
    Courtney, I forgot to mention, we will definitely have space for you for Monday night (at the Empress), if you still needed a hotel. One of the gals I'm rooming with will be leaving on Monday morning.
  10. cormaic
    I'm probably not going to be able to make this thing unless I can find another person or people to share a room with to cut costs down. If anybody has any room available anywhere please PM me, I don't want to drop out of this but I might have to if I don't have a place to sleep
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