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  1. zenidogx
    Thanks for the reference, Heidi! PM sent, Ivy.
  2. chairmenmeow47
    awesome! can't wait :)
  3. shakermaker113
    I also have a room at the empress, check in fri and out tues.
  4. Boourns
    Have room for one more at the empress.
    I currently have a room at ABVI with two twin beds. So far, only Kreutz has hit me up about it. I'd like to get a room at the Empress, but if none are available, I'll stick with this. If anyone else needs a spot to crash, I think we could easily fit one or two more people in this room.
  6. greghead
    Have a room at the Sheraton Eatontown (approx 4 miles away) that I'm sharing with Cara and Sebastian for $49/night. Definitely have floor space available for a couple folks.
  7. kreutz2112
    Oh yeah. DANCE MAGIC, I made other arrangements for a room. Thanks though!
  8. amyzzz
    I'm still in the investigating stages of trying to decide if I should go. Who still has room? (and who still looks in this discussion?)
  9. chairmenmeow47
    any recommendations for a hotel in NYC? i am either going to stay a few days before or after the fest. i have a lot of theatre friends there, but i'd prefer to stay in my own hotel and run around to visit them. i'd also like to stay somewhere close to all the tourist stuff and close to public transportation.

    anyone with recommendations of something not too pricey, but not too scary would be appreciated :)
  10. chiapet
    Ivy, I usually use priceline for Manhattan, I've gotten 3 and sometimes 4 star hotels for a reasonable price range (like < $250/night on weekends). It's sort of a crap shoot though. I use the 'name your own price' thing with a really low price so that even if the hotel I get is not ideal, I feel like I got a great deal.

    One of my friends had recommended this place to me, but I've not stayed there yet -- it's more of a hostel but has private rooms:

    Edited: This is the place I couldn't remember the name of:
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