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  1. kreutz2112
    This is where we discuss who is staying where and what days that staying is taking place. Again, I will try to keep the first post updated.
  2. Boourns
    Staying at the Empress. Checking in on Thursday evening, checking out Tuesday morning. Room is full but if one of us gets denied a ticket or can't go for whatever reason, kreutz is next on the list and therefore has dibs.
  3. captncrzy
    Staying at Empress but if can't get tix, I'll pass the reservation to the next person on the list.
  4. GeezrRckr
    staying at the Empress. i have an extra reservation (more expensive) i made there, which Heidi gets first dibbs for (double/double). i also am holding a reservation at, both, the ABVI and Days Inn. so, once people get their tix, hit me up should you want me to transfer one of those into your name. good luck tomorrow!
  5. chairmenmeow47
    i am at the empress, have an extra bed. i extended the reservation this morning, thursday through monday. maybe i can visit some ny friends or something. lemme know if you want the extra bed, i believe it was $89 a night, so split that.
  6. chiapet
    Well, I got tickets, and would prefer to stay at the Empress, so I'm going to request dibs on Drew's extra, though I need to see if I can extend it a day. (Ivy, I'd be up for sharing with you but I am staying through till Tuesday).
  7. chairmenmeow47
    no worries, i hope you figure it out!
  8. zenidogx
    I'm looking to stay for Monday night, at the moment. But things can change depending on where I live by the time of the festival.
    Ivy, I'd like to take up that extra bed if it's still available.
  9. chairmenmeow47
    it's yours :) are you on facebook or anything?
  10. chiapet
    zenidogx = Jose, he's cool, he's camped with us a couple of times.
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