2011: Welcome new members!

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  1. santasutt
    Thanks for the invite TomAZ.

    This will be my third consecutive Coachella. The past two years it has been a family (of 5) affair. We had a blast in 2010 with the big ass RV rental and RV camping. Sorry to see it gone last year. This year it will be myself, my 17 year old son (college bound) and my 50 year old buddy (recently widowed.) Can't wait to see Squeeze, the Buzzcocks and Noel G. My son has already started my 2012 tutorial with Oberhofer, Beirut and Real Estate. Digging on the Spotify playlists as well.

    Oh yeah, going weekend 2. Anyone else?
  2. TomAz
    Go Giants.

    tee hee.
  3. Lynn163
    Hey Coachdad you should have hung out with us! We take our kids as well - son 19 and his friend - and usually just see them when we have to step over them in the morning to eat breakfast...or when they need the locker. Very excited about this year!
  4. coachdad
    Hi Lynn, thanks for the invite, I'll be attending weekend 1. Hope to see ya!
  5. motionnn77
    Looking forward to stopping by the beer garden again. I will have single ladies with me.
  6. algunz
    When is this happening this year?
  7. santasutt
    First or second week?

    Me second.

    Would love meet some contemporaries at a Beer Garden picnic table.
  8. ivankay
    i just joined. Hooray.
  9. Pixiessp
    Welcome, Mike. :)
  10. Lynn163
    Hi Mike.
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