2011: Welcome new members!

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  1. bluzchk66
    Hi there....not sure if you remember meeting me at the Untitled art installation or not, but found you here and decided to say HI....it was so nice to meet you and your wife...my daughter and I had a fabulous time but am still recovering from lack of sleep on the plane ride home last night..hope you are both well..
  2. DJdharma
    Hey Jennifer! Of course we remember you! I searched the Members List to find you, but couldn't remember the spelling of your screen name. Welcome to the Social Group! I'm glad to hear you all had fun, and I hope you can come back next year. You can join us for our Fab40 Meet-up. Friend request sent.
  3. psychic friend
    psychic friend
    this group seems like a dud. pffff so much for 40 + epicfail
  4. TomAz
  5. Pixiessp
    People over 40 have jobs. Real jobs and mortgages and fancy dinner parties to attend. We come in here periodically. When we aren't here we have a good reason.
    Tom can back me up. He's old. ;)
  6. algunz
    So where/when is the meet-up for this year? I am official now.
  7. TomAz
    Not as old as you, Joann.
  8. coachdad
    Hello Group, just joinin in here, I'm 46. I 've been to a couple of Coachellas, one Big 4, no Stagecoaches (I'll pass). Last coachella, the kids (16&19) left me in the dust, oh they came around when they got hungry but I ended up selling my wristband after day 2. So this year I'll have more of a game plan, glad to see there is an old farts club at the event!haha
  9. TomAz
    welcome coachdad! the past few years this group has had a meetup in the beer garden -- it's a good way to get to know people. You and I will also be at Gary Clark Jr so if you see me say hello.
  10. coachdad
    Hey thanks Tom, beer sounds good. I'll check in later.
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