2011: Welcome new members!

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  1. DJdharma
    Welcome to the Fab40+ Social Group! A peaceful oasis for those of us old enough to be considered Classic. If you're new to the group, please take a moment to introduce yourself here, and then dive head first into some serious (and fun) discussion about everything you hope Coache11a will be for you this year.
  2. Lynn163
    I joined this group last year but never participated. This is a family event for us - husband, 18 year old son, and some of his friends - and I had to really talk my husband into coming back this year after 2010's craziness. I'm surprised how much I'm looking forward to this years festival!
  3. DJdharma
    Glad to hear you're coming back Lynn. For the first time, my daughter (23) and her boyfriend will be joining us. We're all excited. We'll be planning a meet-up again this year, so we look forward to meeting you and your family.
  4. psychic friend
    psychic friend
    I guess I should pop in and say hello. Technically my birthday isn't until june but im trying to get used to it now so it doesnt sting so bad. And I am still asked for ID. Just saying.

    holla everyone!
  5. Pixiessp
    Hello, PF Dani. :)
  6. DJdharma
    Welcome PF! You're in good company!
  7. TomAz
    hey dani! hi! this cool group just got cooler!
  8. ShredHead
    Wow, I somehow always imagined Dani as being much younger. Welcome!
  9. motionnn77
    I'm looking forward to finally meeting, well, any of you @ Coachella this year.

    PF, I won't actually hit 40 until May of next year, but I'm close enough.
  10. Lynn163
    Motion and Dani get to hang with the fun kids now!
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