The Official Dance All Weekend 2009 Campers Group

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  1. SteVeB
    Ello fellow friends. The camping is something that you have to want to enjoy. If your husband is subconsciously looking for things that dont tickle his fancy camping then he'll probably find a few little ones. Just enough to bother him. Thats a tricky one. Air mattress, spray bottles with fans, double even triple thick shade, a guitar, a social behavior and lots of food always are a bonus.
  2. SteVeB
    Amyzzzzzzzzzzzzz I wanted to thank you for last years encouragement with carpoolchella. I was under another profile that I cant find? It was a week or so before Coachella and I didnt have a solid ride lined up yet. I was meeting friends there and I told you I wasnt having luck on the messege board. I was living in Scottsdale Arizona at the time and you told me to to keep trying on here and I did. So much goodness came from it. I found a rad chick named Monica to hang with for the ride and at the campground. Another kid who we picked up had a dog he couldnt keep anymore. His family gave him to me on my way home. Hes a Jack Russell I named RockStar. Hes an amazing dog that always reminds me of Coachella!
  3. shmamber
    We camped by the Salton Sea for 3 years and I think we'll do OK. I am just excited to not have to deal with TRAFFIC for once! And to, you know, meet people. :P
    Amyzzz, have you convinced Jacob to camp yet? Even though we live down the road from the fest, Pete and I decided to go for the whole Coachella Experience this year. Maybe that would help in your convincing him to camp if he knew there was another place to chill if necessary? (Think shower and litterbox activity...:))
  5. amyzzz
    Wow, I haven't checked this group in a while and 2 posts are directed at me.

    SteveB, I'm glad you found a carpool buddy--people here can be great.

    BD, thanks for the offer, but we have our plans set. I'd like to camp and party a bit, but Jacob doesn't want to, so he can stay in our room with his sister and her hubby (they are coming on Saturday ONLY). I'm tempted to get my own camping pass so I can hang out with you all Friday though. :)
    Amyzzz, you're more than welcome to hang with us at our campsite. Or, atleast use it as a landing strip, so to speak. And seeing as "home, sweet home" is so close for us, I'll probably slip back there to use the shower...(I know...that's cheating! LOL)
  7. frozen pilgrim
    frozen pilgrim
    hey guys, haven't checked in here in a while.

    less than two months to go!
  8. Naproxen
    Guess I'm kinda a newb to this group, chances are we partied together last year anyways. Less than 2 months to go!
  9. frozen pilgrim
    frozen pilgrim
    once we get to a month or 20 days away, I'll close membership and start making plans.
    this should be a well coordinated effort. everyone having shade is key.
    Well, Pilgrim, let me tell you...Suffacated was serious about getting his trusty steed and going to pick you up in Glendale. If I'm not with him, it's probably because I'm scrambling around getting our shit together for camping, or trying to conive my boss into letting me go free on Thursday afternoon.Looking forward to meeting you and your lady! Hell, I'm looking forward to dancing with all of you!
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