The Official Dance All Weekend 2009 Campers Group

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  1. amyzzz
    There's still the issue of so many people around, makes him nervous. I'm not sure if there is a cure for that (even xanax)
  2. sbessiso
    Tears for Fears' "Mad World" is one of my all-time favorite songs to dance to
  3. amyzzz
    That's a great song, but I'm not sure how you dance to that. Isn't it kinda slow?
  4. frozen pilgrim
    frozen pilgrim
    double time house remix!
    heh sbess, tell me you like tears for fears.
    I've just finished a mashup of 'west end girls' and 'mmm skyscraper' by underworld (and a couple other things)
  5. sbessiso
    Mad World is SUCH a dance song! Amy, you may be thinkign of the depressing cover they used for Donnie Darko. The real T4F one is dancey as fuck.

    Pilgrim, of fucking course I LOVE tears for fears. who do you think I am?
  6. sbessiso
    Are we the Last
    Living Souls?
  7. amyzzz
    No, I'm thinking of the Tears for Fears song, but I'm not currently listening to it, so maybe I'm nuts. I remember it being a bit slow. Sorry, old response.
  8. sbessiso
    Listen to it!
  9. amyzzz
    I was probably thinking of that cover, which is awesome. I'm sorry. I really like Sowing the Seeds of Love better than any other TfF song.
  10. shmamber
    Hi everyone!

    I feel like an outsider "crashing" this group but hopefully I'm just being self-conscious.

    My name is Amber and my husband's name is Scott. Don't let "husband" fool you though--we're totally crazy and weird and I at least am exceedingly inappropriate. ;-) This is our 6th Coachella but our first time doing on-site camping, so we want to meet people and not just be in our little camping island.

    Oh and TEARS FOR FEARS FTW! Love them.
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