Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival Message Board FAQ

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No Drug Related Threads:

We are not in the interest of giving this festival a bad name, so please refrain from making threads and/or posts relating to drugs, talk about it elsewhere. Threads and posts related to drug use may be deleted, and the users making these posts may be banned.

No Pornography:

Do not post or link to any pornographic material (images, videos, websites etc...). Not only will these posts probably be deleted, but he or she who posts them could receive infractions and possibly be banned. Do not quote other peoples porn posts either.

No Racist/Hate Remarks:

Please refrain from using any type of racist/hate language in general or towards any other member of the forum. It's rude, offensive, and inappropriate, and if you're caught doing it, you could be banned.

No Scalping:

You enjoy buying concert tickets, only to turn around and sell them at a higher price and make a nice profit? Guess what, we don't. We DO NOT tolerate scalping of any kind at all, and any user who is caught trying to scalp tickets (Coachella or otherwise) on this forum will be banned.

No Harassment/Threats Made to Other Users:

We define harassment as continuing to follow a particular member from thread to thread and continuing to make threatening remarks towards them and/or sending multiple threatening PM's to these users. You may find it all fun and games, but others may not share your same point of view. Appropriate action will be taken if we feel it's necessary.

No Spamming:

Don't do it. This includes starting threads, making posts, or even having links in your signature that are all related to spamming (you know, like advertising products, myspace bands, etc). Spamming also includes posting a billion images and/or smiley (emoticons) in the same post, thus slowing the loading of the web page. Again, don't do it. We will ban you.

Do not quote or post about other users spamming or being banned:

Please do not quote the post when someone spams a bunch of images, we don't need to be reminded of it, we can see it the first time (and usually it's been reported anyways). Also don't go around making posts or threads asking why somebody else was banned, it's none of your concern, and it's redundant to have threads asking about threads being banned. Get it? Also don't quote emails.

Why Was My Thread Deleted?

Could be a few different reasons. Perhaps it was a duplicate thread (use the search function next time), or maybe it was inappropriate (contained offensive language towards other members, racist remarks, and/or pornography). Or in some cases, some threads are merged with other threads if they share a similar subject. Or sometimes itís just to annoy you because the world is against you.

Why did I receive an Infraction?

Well read the infraction notice and it will tell you. Most likely you were posting an inappropriate picture, or using offensive language against another member. Basically you broke a rule, don't do it again.

Why was I banned?

Because. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Most popular answer is spamming the board.

There can be a variety of reasons. We hardly ban ANYONE except spammers so If you are one of the few who were not selling nike's, then you must have been extra special because it is very rare.

Things that might get you banned:

Spamming the board
Posting false info as truth
Harassment of other board members regularly
Blatant porn content
Blatant sexual orientation or racist comments aimed at particular people
Starting threads asking why someone got banned or just asking about someone getting banned which is very annoying because it is explained here already

Overall you will find this board is one of the most lax boards out there.

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