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  1. I am fond of Indian cooking. My fav. to mess with. Like Mexican too, but I haven't done too much there. Thai is fun. Count down is on eh??
  2. my dish is tacos. haha. and stir fry.
  3. Just looked at your info. Says you like cooking? I enjoy it too. what is your specialty??
  4. Getting close eh? I leave in 3.5 weeks. The anticipation is really doing my head in.
  5. I went to 07 n 08. I couldn't go with my m8s to 09, but here I come. YES I'm excited. So many good acts ther, and teh atmosphere is the best by-product around. Makes me feel all giddy like a school girl, and that's weird for a guy!
  6. I'm coming from the Central Valley here in California. This is going to be my 4th year. 07,08,09,10. Are you exited!
  7. Brill! Where yuo coming from? Flying out of Toronto here.
  8. Ya, you go last year or any others??
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