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  1. I have complete faith.
  2. Hey don't act like you know Orbital is playing ;) My heart can't take it!
  3. That is wicked awesome! I didn't even know you were making me one!
  4. MADE YOUR BRACELET TODAY! I don't know if I will have the pleasure to see you at Coachella, but I hope so :)

    Worst comes to worst, I can mail it to you.

    Cheers to Chella in less than 2 weeks!
    xo feather
  5. alas...we are not :(
  6. marcoooooooooooooo. 2morrow we are complete.

    <3 you.
  7. your awesome...and yes the after the line up we won't need nation anymore...unless...
  8. Marco! The lineup is almost revealed...soon we don't have to worry about this guy anymore :)

  9. Ahhh I'm sorry to hear that...I will let my new years be a part of you Marco!!! Lineup this month time to get ready. Woooooo!
  10. call me Marco! Very uneventful...I had to work early the next day...too many drunk hotel gst :(
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