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  1. :)

    we did our best to hold the fort down. its nice to have you back on here.

    see u later tonight!
  2. Is the PLUR quota down since I have been gone?
  3. get your ass back on here. pronto.
  4. Had to leave our mark!!! I wasn't planning on being that fucked up, but we had been drinking all day and were so excited to go diving. Sigh.
  5. u and miranda were by far the most rocked out people at deep. i think the whole club knew! =D
  6. It will be the best deep sea dive yet :) FARINA FTW!
  7. i know, and that makes me happy. there is a huge buzz going around about this sunday at the vanguard! trying my best to stay calm.
  8. I like to get DEEP.
  9. i like to do random shit.
  10. the more i want DMT, the less it finds me.

    a lesson in life yet 2b learned.
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