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  1. Thats awesome :) We went to Vancouver for a few days and hung out with relatives that I rarely see, had a small christmas I'm drifting from it, the little kid magic is gone, and I'm not religious in the christian sense so nothing left for me with it all.... I shopped with Rage for an hour or so a few days ago.... I really hope you come up to Canada :) We're still trying to figure out whats happening for new years, no raves are happening so hopefully a party will come up!
  2. I don't celebrate xmas so I hung out with Barbara on the beach and we made candee and had a little rave. I'm just getting ready for new years! What are you doing to celebrate? My bags are packed for SF.
  3. O hello...

    How was your christmas times?? Any super crazy things for Coachella/Canada??
  4. Hi :)
  6. OWLMG THANK YOU!!! I can't wait to see...
  7. ITS IN THE MAIL!!!!!!!!
  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    FEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    Have a Plurfect time at Underworld <3
  9. ZOMG

    I <3 Canadians.

    xo featherCanada!
  10. Zomg

    Feather <3
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