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  1. Never heard of them! What kind of music and when?
  2. The Dead Weather at the Wiltern sounds good....
  3. I know it sucks. Money is an issue. I think if anything ill make it there for sunday. I need to try to figure something out.
  4. Mamba why not? Money problems? I'll fly you there!!!

    :( I hope you figure something out.
    xo featherchella
  5. Im so bummed out. I dont think im gonna make it to coachella this year.
  6. Mamba!!! It is always hit or miss with you on here. Can you believe Chella is only a month away! I am on cloud 9 right hopefully I can find you at camp and we can meet up!

  7. hey feather. How are you??
  8. Hey long time, no talk. <3
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