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  1. Hey. Haven't seen you.
  2. Its looking good this year. Im not in school so thats not going to get in the way this year. Not exactly sure how im going to get there yet. First i was planning on driving up there in a Suburban with friends but the status on some friends is not looking so good now. If i have to go alone then ill change the plans. As long as i get a ticket to the biggest party of the year, it should all be down hill. How about you?? got a whole plan ready?
  3. What's your Coachella situation looking like? Fill me in.
  4. Feather!!!
  5. Im just afraid that they will conflict with Gorillaz. I hope not.
  6. ORBITAL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! It will be my best Coachella moment to date I can guarantee.
  7. Yeah i remember that. Funny you say that because ive stayed away from them too recently. Yeah this year im going for sure. Not making that mistake ever again. I see your hyped about Orbital (FUCK YES!!).
  8. I miss you! What are you up to? Hot Chip is on the lineup! Not really into them anymore but it was the first time we met :) You going to Coachella for sure?
  9. Feather!!!
  10. august 25th i think. Its Jack White's new band so that should give you an idea. The album isnt out yet. Just a couple of songs. So far the reviews ive read have been pretty good.
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