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  1. thanks for the birthday wish were your birthday spanks v ??? I hope they at least stung!!!
  2. Happy Birthday COOL CHICK!
  3. Flacidelli...hahhahahahahaaa!!!
  4. just call me Bonerdelli...its better than Flacidelli
  5. I'm gonna call you bonar for short!!! :)
  6. no, my name is Paul Bonardelli.... it just happens to work out that my fav album and I have the same initials....lucky me!
  7. paul b short for paul's boutique??? And if so what's your real abviously know mine but I love me some "shake your rump"!!! Especially that funky beat bwwwwwwbwwwww...what is that???
  8. mhm...PB soooooo good. I loves me some Shadrach, Car Thief, Egg Man, High Plains Drifter, Hey Ladies, Bboy Bouillabaise....
  9. Hayyy!!! Thanks for the ackowledgement I didn't even realized I hit 4g's...BTW your show pics reminded me that I needed paul's boutique in my collection...I treated myself yesterday...thanks B!!!
  10. congrats on 4000 posts! nice to have you around.
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