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  1. yeah totally rad
  2. oh ya sry my name is Kirk, I cant wait for coachella this year its going to be amazing
  3. I'll shoot you a text right now so you have my number, what's your name for my phone?
  4. (714) 510-0111 send me a text when u arrive we can meet up and party or whatever ok.
  5. I'd be totally down. add 'er up.
  6. What about you? Camping?
  7. Yeah, I am camping. We're doing car camping actually. And probably just Coachella, I think we're flying down to Vegas, and then renting a car and driving down. I really want to see Gotye, The Black Keys, AWOLNATION, M83, Explosions in the Sky, are my big ones. I'm just really excited for the experience.
  8. Canada is going to ROCK Coachella this year.
  9. So is canada going to bring it to coachella this year? im getting so exited what are your top 5 bands to see this year? Im into tons of different music, but my 5 are ( in no particular order) 1) RADIOHEAD 2) PULP 3) REFUSED & AT THE DRIVE IN 4) KASABIAN 5) DRE/SNOOP or swedish house mafia.... that was hard so many good bands ( ill throw in James, mangum, the rapture, arctic monkeys, and madness as well) well cool hit me up
  10. hey thanks for the add, where you from?
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