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  1. Hahah! Oh dear. I am soo sorry. I assumed that Denny was a guy's name.
  2. Okay, I am officially concerned! I am a woman! If you see a man running out of the Sahara naked it is not me. I am changing my profile picture :/
  3. Hahah, I guess I'll know exactly who it is if I see a guy running out of the Sahara completely naked then.
  4. I definitely plan on taking time out before that starts to eat, rest and hydrate. After that, I am heading into the Sahara and not coming out until the music stops and I'm naked haha.
  5. Oh man, seriously. I don't even know if i'll have enough energy for that. Any ideas on how we can prepare ourselves with numerous hours of dancing? .. besides drugs of course.
  6. Chemical Bros, Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT, Lykke Li, Crookers, YYYs, Dr. Dog, Beirut, Black Keys, Girl Talk, Lupe Fiasco, Atmosphere, Friendly Fires and quite a few more I am just too lazy to type. How much are you hoping for Crookers>Bloody Beetroots>MSTRKRFT>Chemical Bros in the Sahara Saturday ?? That's like 3-4 hours of solid dancing!
  7. Hmm .. my top 10 i'm probably MOST excited for are Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ghostland Observatory, The Chemical Brothers (hadn't seen them before), Crookers, MSTRKRFT, Lykke Li, The Bloody Beetroots, Etienne De Crecy, Los Campesinos!, and The Aggrolites. Whattabout you?
  8. Oh sweet! Who are you excited to check out ??
  9. Ah no worries. I bet it'd be fun. Seems like everyone else enjoys it. This is actually my second year. Last year was my first.
  10. Yeah, it's my first year camping. I am little concerned but I am sure it'll be great. Is this your first year ?
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