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  1. I lost my phone again but should be back in business sometime tomorrow!
  2. Hey love! I lost my phone last week so text me your magic numbers!
  3. It's almost time for our yearly beer garden rendezvous. ;)
  4. Almost time for the madness! There's a bunch I want to see but heres some of the big ones!
    2manydjs/XX/FlyingLotus/Bad Lt./DEVO/Beach House etc..
    Gorillaz/Thom Y./ORBITAL/Plastikman/GaryNuman/TALVIN SINGH/BIG PINK/Deerhunter etc..
    Fri/Sun are busy fro me. Let me know yours!
  5. I will not be flashing my boobs...this year. :)
    These are my must sees: Portugal.the Man, Deerhunter,Sia,Fever Ray,Gary Numan,DEVO and many others.
  6. so which sets are a you planning on catching this year? I mean we have to catch at least one together so I can you on my shoulders with you flashing you're boobs!
  7. Hey Baby! I lost my phone on a Santa Barbara binder @ Depeche Mode so text me your number again!
  8. wow I do like both Earlimart quite a lot... funny cos' I was expecting twang for some reason! as for Lida Husik I'm familiar but not Husikesque and I've yet need to spin it! Cheers!
  9. Yay!! glad you got them. hope you like them. :)
  10. Pix! Thanks for the cds' I will check them out this week!
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