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  1. Hey Flowbee,
    we are two Aussies coming over to see Coachella for the first time - neither of us smoke, drink or do chemicals, but we love a good time and a party as much as the next person! :-) We'd be really keen to talk with you about the possibility of a houseshare/carpool while we're at the festival and of course will contribute financially as well as by bringing the Aussie fun! :-)
    Ian's a DJ/photographer (we are trying to sort out press accreditation for the show so he can get some killer pics!) and I'm a PhD student. We arrive in the US in 1st week of April and will be travelling around til we end up at Coachella.
    We're trying to sort out accomodation asap so would love to chat about whether this is possible!
    Look forward to talking with you,
    Ian and Jordan
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