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  1. Hey! Monterey is a fantastic name and I know fantastic names! Anyway, I have a pretty long list too. I definitely need a dancing partner for Lykke Li though. You down ?
  2. hey!! i just responded to your aussie post so i figure i better say hello here too :)

    my name's Monterey (no joke), 20, and i am a girlllll. blah. anyway, i have a long list of people i wanna see, but in a nutshell (kinda) i wanna see beirut, conor oberst, lykke li, leonard cohen, the yeah yeah yeahs, liars, tv on the radio, etc etc. you?
  3. Hi. I am Denny. I am camping out with my best friend and feel really fortunate for that and they say when you have been blessed, you should pass it on. So, I am totally down to be your Coachella buddy. Who do you want to see ? What is your name ? Also, I am a girl and I know most of your replies are prob from dudes who want in your pants, so no worries about that with me :)
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