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  1. I LOVE my kittenworm. Glad someone else does, too. :)
  2. Kittyworm is mesmerizing.

    Have a swell weekend, friend.
  3. Sweet ass! I'll keep my fingers crossed. :)
  4. I may be making the scene after all. I caught an assignment from the same NYC paper who sent me last year. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Much as I love writing for a living, it's definitely not stable. I'm looking into stable options at the moment, though it's kind of rough all over. Hopefully it can only go up from here.
  6. The future is way unclear at the moment, jobwise. Things could change, but they'd have to do so in a pretty big way. I'm still hoping to make Coachella happen. Just don't know for sure.

    Lousy economy...
  7. You're not going to Coachella?! You're at least going to ATP NY, right?
  8. Haha...yeah, I've never used Photoshop. I posted a camera phone pic a while back that was all greenish, and Ivankay suggested some Photoshop somethingorother to fix it. Ummm...the picture still has the alien hue. I'm photo-editing retarded.
  9. Women are always mocking my tiny size!

    It's not even PhotoShop, either. I'm still in the Paint slums.
  10. At first glance, I thought your fun-with-photoshop avatar was American Idol winner David Cook...sorry about that. It's the tiny size, I swearz!
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