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  1. i just wanted to pop in and say hi feather! thanx for the bracelet. it was great meeting you and hanging out in sahara on saturday! see you at roo!!
  2. yeah, sorry about that. NOFX went til midnight and by the time i dropped my friend off in the east valley, it would've been after 1am before I got there. i really wish i could have made it. but i'll see you at the next meetup you attend or at coachella for sure!
  3. YOU DIDN'T COME OVER!!!!! We missed you. I am leaving your bracelet at D's house, so you can pick it up. We had a lot of fun, and stayed up really late. Met a lot of cool PHX boardies, sadly except you. Next time!

    <333 Feather
  4. Sounds great. I'm sure we will be going wild until the wee hours of the morning. Let me know the setlist when you come back! Punk in Drublic is a great album. Secretly I like them, shhh no one knows.
  5. indeed! i won't be there til late, cause NOFX is playing at the Marquee that night. i will head out to the party afterwards though. so don't run out of energy early!
  6. See you at the end of the month! Time to party, so get ready.
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