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  1. ok, here is a more complete LOG setlist:

    the passing
    in your words
    set to fail
    broken hands
    dead seeds

    walk with me in hell
    blacked the cursed sun

    ashes of the wake:
    laid to rest
    now you've got something to die for

    as the palaces burn:

    new american gospel:
    black label

    and a couple pics:
  2. i think fax said he got his pretty cheap. i was searching yesterday and didn't see anything less that $350 roundtrip. I guess that would still be do-able, but i'd like to knock another $50-100 off that. I'll keep lookin at the flights and if i see a really good one, I'll grab it.
  3. dude, Bonnaroo is gonna be awesome for ALL of us. Get your ticket, and then see how things turn out. airfare from Pheonix isnt too expensive right?
  4. supre just posted something about a trent at coachella rumor....might get what we wished for. :D

    and i'm gonna get a roo ticket on sat. then hold off on airfare for a bit and make sure i can actually pull this off. i may see you there, though.
  5. yes, NIN for Saturday would be perfect...or even the Beastie Boys, but thats what is making Bonnaroo so special for first time going and I lucked out soooo hard. Its gonna be my last concert of the year, so it better be great.
  6. i don't think i've ever heard wrath. i'll check it out.

    how about the beasties at the roo? i would give anything to have them and NIN added to coachella's lineup.
  7. Wrath leaked yesterday...I love it! Are you gonna download it?
  8. nice! yeah, i managed to score pit tix for LOG. that show is gonna be sick! good times.
  9. I have my LOG tix for Vancouver, im very excited, great bill...Wrath is sounding amazing.... and Slayer/Manson/Cannibal Corpse/Behemoth/Black Dahlia...oh ya... i wont be buying tix right away...but I do plan on attending one of them perhaps.
  10. there are some good metal shows touring in the summer. already got my LOG tix and am waiting on the Slayer/Manson/Cannibal Corpse tix to go on sale.

    you got your LOG tix yet and plan on going to slayer/manson/corpse?
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