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  1. Pleasure to meet you as well. You're taller than I imagined. :)
  2. So...we're actually friends now. It was so nice to meet you. 8^) You're so little!!!
  3. Almost time for dancing. :)
  4. I did not get to see the game but Tommyboy was texting me with updates. Gonna be a great tourney. Can't wait.
  5. you see the game pix????

  6. my life was in shambles. I watched a UNC/Duke game and it took my mind off my miserable existence. I have been hooked since.
  7. but aren't you from cali??? I dont understand you people!!! I get frustrated about the big east/acc bias that these east coast media outlets perpetrate. I'm a UofA/Pac-10 guy (i think that was obvious from the thread)
  8. Tarheels!! since 1997. I am rather partial to the ACC.
  9. And so it was, a friendship formed by squable!

    you have any particular team/conference?
  10. you shall be my friend and we shall have College Bball squabbles. So it is written. So it shall be done.
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