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  1. were holdin a conversation just fine. ;) it was good seein you again for a bit after the show!
  2. I dont remember what i was saying at LCD but i had a great time hanging out at LCD afterwards.
  3. always welcome! tool from red rocks might be up by tonight...definitely by the weekend.
  4. I got the great idea of getting a recording of NIN@Wiltern ,and I ended up finding your copy.Thanks again for recording
  5. yeah, it turned out pretty well despite this one chick coming in late (about halfway thru Invade Me) and leaving early (halfway thru Safe From Harm). she had the seat next to me and the second she got there, she was screaming and "dancing" (more like convulsions) the whole f'n time. luckily her voice doesn't show up on the recording as much as i thought it would. but you can still hear her....other than that little section though, it is a really good recording. had no one next to me and alex (daftfro) and his friend on the other side of me. so it was a very quite section...except for the few songs when that dumb ass chick showed up...

    i may have the recording up this week, but i have sasquatch to get ready for. so if i can't get to it in the next day or so, it'll be at least a week before i can.
  6. did you get a good copy of massive attack for the Wednesday show
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