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  1. Hey man, how you been? No I used to work at Silver Peak Brewery in Reno. Actually still do a few things for them. Now I'm primarily at Chapel Tavern in Reno. It's pretty awesome if you're still into beers, whiskey and good booze. Let me know if you make it into the city!
  2. Hey don't you work at Stateline Brewery in Tahoe??? I might be going to Tahoe soon and just wondering if you work there still.
  3. That's awesome you met the brewer Chouffe. Yeah, I've heard a few people who have studied in Belgium that styles are a secondary thought there. I did get a chance to meet a Belgian distributor and he said he thought Jolly Pumpkin was one of the only American breweries embodying that Belgian spirit. We need to meet up at Coachella for a beer! And maybe get a group together at the campsite to share some pre-PLUR beers.
  4. The brewer Chouffe told me today that beer styles are a gimmick that Americans made up to sell beer.That Styles aren't big in belgium that it just comes from the heart.I asked him what his favorite american beer was and he said duvel.There was a lot more but it was like so odd.
  5. Hey there. Sorry it took me so long to set up an account on ratebeer. But I'm on there and put ya down as a friend. I'll get busy rating beers and places to, cool site so far.
  6. hey when are you going add me to ratebeer
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