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  1. No I never found a ticket. But I'm still hopeing!
  2. Also....never put that your a "hot chick" The haters and the crazies, start comming out of the preverbial woodwork. This message board is notoriously cruel. Well, if you are able to score a ticket to Coachella, but do not have a place to "crash", then your welcome to join my group. The group concist of My friend and his fiance', a 19yrs old student from UCLA ( He's from the middle east..Bahrain to be exact) and me. I'm seriously and truly NOT looking to get into your pants. I just want to help someone who needs the help. I needed help for camping this year, and got the help. I'm just trying to return the favor to a cool stranger. It's just good karma. All I ask is that you trully be friendly, willing to pitch in for gas, food, and booze...420 woulnd't hurt ;0) . group is only willing to help out ONE(1) person. That's all the room we can spare...just ONE(1) person. Let me know if your interested. Thanks and GOOD LUCK...seriously. :0)
  3. Were you able to score a ticket?
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