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  1. Where are you living? I work all weekend, but we need to get together for some cocktails after that, son
  2. Shut the fuck up, you silly ***! You live here now? Ummmmmmm, why am I just hearing about this now?
  3. So I dunno if you saw but im living here in SF now...
  4. oh hell no. how dare there be other visitor messages other than my own?!?
  5. I think everyone gets a little sad when their stalker doesn't notice them anymore
  6. It's cool dude, I understand if you don't have time for my boyish good looks and my girlfriend's epic cuteness :-)
  7. I'm saddened that I posted in the picture thread and did not get one :cat :-(
  8. What's this I'm seeing that you had to leave Coachella early? Weak sauce.
  9. Where the fuck have you been?
  10. I know! Damn it. We stayed in North Hollywood on Thursday night and my driver was late getting out of fucking bed, so I missed the meetup AND the entire set. GRRRRRRRRRR!
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