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  1. I go back to work on Monday unfortunately! But you're welcome to come over Monday night, I don't think Seb is working that night!
  2. So are you laid up on crutches for a while? No having to work or anything? Because I'm off Mon-Wed and I want to come to Oakland one of those days/evenings and make you play hostess while you're on crutches and fucked up on narcotics. I better be impressed.
  3. It was tough, I really wanted to go out, but I fell asleep on the couch unintentionally and that was that. I'm off both Monday and Tuesday.
  4. Hey you were missed last night, but sleep (and work) was probably a wiser decision for you to make. Are you free next Tuesday?
  5. You still want to come out to the Castro with us tomorrow night? I promise there'll be no law enforcement involved.
  6. ;) See you there!
  7. Wait. This is the internet and sarcastic tone cannot always be read. We'd be psyched if you meet up for drinks, that's why we're thinking of heading down to Haight.
  8. Meet for drinks? Who the hell said you were invited? I was merely flaunting awesome plans in your sad, jealous face
  9. That would be great, Greg! I'm down to meet for drinks before hand too.
  10. Do you still want a ride to Jonsi next Tuesday? If so, we're thinking of heading to Lower Haight in the afternoon for some beers at Toronado before heading across the bridge.
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