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  1. we'll be one of the 3 big concentrated groups early thursday... we haven't figured out a flag or anything yet... you bringing lucy & molly with ya? :)
  2. yeah I will never not camp! I'm driving down w/ my bf and meeting friends from AZ and SD. Last year we had a pretty big group like 15 this year its more...we're going to have a huge 10x20 white car canopy up with tapestries and it might be painted...if you see it stop by, as for the location on the field I have no idea, where does the solo group camp?
  3. are you camping & partying with us in the Flying Solo group?
  4. yeah, I'm actually in SF area now, I've kinda been movin' around a lot...might be there again after the burn...i love SC i miss it
  5. Santa Cruz? no shit, i just got back to L.A. from there yesterday! great fucking town, cool dub party on Wednesday too...
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