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  1. fail Gemma. Epic fail.
  2. A bit of both. Like, if I'd really committed to the idea of going to Coachella way back in September or something, then yeah I'd probably be okay moneywise. But without having a bit of assurance that it's a lineup worth travelling for, no I can't really afford it. Jay Z and Muse don't quite float my boat, m'afraid, and as sturdy as the undercard is likely to be, Coachella and Electric Picnic tend to get a lot of crossover in that regard.

    And to be honest, I might end up taking a trip over the water for an Arcade Fire show or two later on in the year, so that kind of takes priority in terms of cash and holidays and whatever. What can I say, I'm but a slave to my nature.

    I'd love to go do the whole Coachella experience someday, and so I shall, but ah, not this year.
  3. is it the line up or precious Euros?
  4. It would seem not, I'm afraid. There's always next year though, right?

    I did half consider sending a volleyball with my face drawn on it or something. You know, so I'm there in spirit.
  5. so I take it no Coachella for you again this year?
  6. I actually had to google what criac meant!
  7. No particular reason. Just that last time, they did a lot of festivals one after another, and I got the impression they found it very hard work. If they can afford to, I think they'll scale way, way back on fests next time around.

    Anyhoo, any craic?
  8. why wouldn't they play in Californiah?
  9. Pretty high. Whether or not they'll head out Californy Way is a whole other problem though.
  10. what exactly are the chances of them even touring nexyttear?
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