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  1. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !?!
  2. Snicker. Were you a little bored earlier, buddy?
  3. Lala la laaaaaaaaaa
  4. If you want to go even further, have churro thats filled with chocolate or caramel. oh my god its delicious, im making myself hungry now
  5. It doesn't, but that should worry me.
  6. I want to say its deep fried dough but please dont let that turn you off.
  7. Snicker.

    Amusing shape and euphemisy fun aside, what the hell is it?
  8. You would love a churro, its so sweet and soft and oh so delicious
  9. oh pumpkin its ok!! you know not to take me seriously <333
  10. I really didn't mean to derail the Junior Senior thread, it really was just supposed to be a throwaway thing.

    Go Junior Senior up that joint again, man.
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