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  1. At least Twitter and Facebook are back up. UKK server change should be done "soon", but eh, that could mean anything.
  2. :( :(
  5. They're a lot of fun. They were one of the first bands I loved that I found for myself, y'know, so I'm oddly fond of them. I think Haines' voice is good enough that they can get away with murder, in terms of lyrics and whatever. Some of their lyrics sound terrible Tremendously good live, too, their songs have hooks all over them.

    Going to have to get my act together and listen to the new one soon.
  6. So I listened to a Metric album for the first time yesterday. Good stuff.
  7. Good lord, between the Coach board going down, and then UKK, I've been freaking out like a street weirdo over the last few days.
  8. Where is itttttt?!
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