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  1. Just bought my ticket but ill be flying solo. Im gonna get there around 1-130. 8059144755 is my # if u wanna meet up
  2. Yeah that was a mess. I settled for a lawn ticket since I'm going with about 15 people and there's no shot of us being together else wise, but whatever. Half the shows are on the small stages where it doesn't even matter what ticket you have, it's all GA. Will have to catch the bigger acts from the lawn.
  3. The onsale today was a complete failure. It's almost as if they werent selling orchestra or loge. All I could get was shitty terrace and lawn, so will have to hope something good becomes available
  4. Maybe it'll grow on me, Muse is one of my favorite bands so I'm really gonna try to enjoy the new album. We'll see what's up when it drops. Yeah the 2nd law was one big pile of crap.
  5. I actually really like Dead Inside but everyone has their own opinion. I don't really care what they play as long as they avoid The 2nd Law, if they just sound good than I know it'll be an awesome show.
  6. Lol they were in that range last year, at least it was a tall can. I think some stands actually had an IPA in a can. I agree on DCFC, been wanting to see them for a while now just haven't had the opportunity, walk the moon should be fun too. I'm pretty stoked on AWOL and Muse is also my #1. Hoping they play for like 80 minutes and mostly just bust out their hits, that dead inside song kind of sucks so hopefully they play it first to get it out of the way lol.
  7. hahah $12 pbrs goodness that's expensive. It'll be cool to finally get a sample of DCFC, Walk the Moon, and Big Data live
    Also just excited to see Awolnation, Cold War Kids, and Panic! at the Disco live again, and Muse is the #1 see for obvious reasons
  8. word lmk, ill buy you a $12 pbr out there.
  9. Alright cool. I will let u know what type of seating I end up with.
  10. Yeee, will be posted up in the lawn somewhere.
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