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  1. Yeee, will be posted up in the lawn somewhere.
  2. Oh hell yeah, no doubt about it. What about you?
  3. You going to weenie roast?
  4. True. They'll probably be even more fun this time around. Hopefully I'll catch them at one of those radio shows. That Palladium show will be awesome too
  5. I agree, some of the songs have a cool dark synth sound going on. I wanna see them live now since they should make a pretty cool setlist with the two albums.
  6. I don't know why but Awolnation just is appealing to listen to. This album has some really good songs. I like how it opens with Run, and Hollow Moon is really catchy, and Windows is also catchy. Some of the songs are weak like Fat Face and I Am.
    But yeah it's a pretty average album that'll I'll continue to enjoy
  7. Thoughts on the new AWOL album?
  8. I was only able to listen to that song 2 or 3 times. And I'm a huge Muse fan, but holy shit that album sucks.
  9. What can I say? It's the oddest sound Muse has ever created. Glad you enjoyed it, I thought it was funny myself
  10. "It sounds like someone is giving R2-D2 a handjob that it can't handle."

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